About Us

An Early Stage Agri-business

with a Strong Market

and an Experienced Team

AGR1 was established in early 2018 to explore the sustainability and business opportunities offered by using technology to grow high quality fresh produce in close proximity to the major population centers of South East Asia

AGR1's startup period has been spent refining our technology package and developing a pipeline of projects to implement our growing and marketing systems throughout South East Asia. With this foundation knowledge and planning in place AGR1 is now pushing forward through Proof of Concept to commercial production

Based on technological development and market research completed during the start up period AGR1 has been able to secure seed funding to construct a Proof of Concept/Research & Development Facility in Johor Bahru, Malaysia

With construction of the Proof of Concept Facility on-going AGR1 is moving to close it's "Seed Round" of investment prior to commencing a Series A Funding in Q1 2020.

The short term development plan focuses on constructing and operating a large fresh produce growing and packing facility serving the markets of Kuala Lumpur and Singapore

As commercial production commences at the main site in Johor Bahru in Q4 2020 the Proof of Concept Facility will take on the role of Research and Development exploring new cultivars, crops, packaging and traceability programs prior to their integration into the main business