Our Opportunity

Fresh Produce Growing is in the Middle of a Technology and Sustainability Revolution

Urban Populations are Expanding

Consumer Food Safety Awareness is at an all Time High

Climate Change and Sustainability are Driving Consumer Decisions

Singapore is a $50 million a year market for fresh salads and herbs.....69% of which is imported from Northern Malaysia.....a 700 km/14 hour journey from farm to shop

Urban Vertical Farming can grow salads in hotels, car parks and warehouses within the City of Singapore but scale, operational costs and air quality impact are a major issue

...A Balanced Solution is Required...

AGR1 has drawn on the experience of its team when bringing technological solutions to traditional agriculture.

Balance is required and harnessing Mother Nature whilst using technology to achieve extraordinary results offers AGR1 the sustainability and viability needed to address large scale sustainable production

...Technology Balance...

The sun provides all the light and heat we need to grow our crops without reliance on expensive artificial lighting systems. Hydroponic Climate Control Technology allows us to tame that natural light and heat supporting the growth of temperate crops in lowland tropical regions where the climate has traditionally made fresh produce cultivation impossible

...Location Balance...

By partially de-linking natural climatic conditions from the growing environment AGR1 is able to travel beyond the limitations of micro climates and grow our crops in Johor Bahru much closer to our customers than current growers

Proximity to our customers reduces transportation costs, increases quality of the delivered produce and provides the flexibility & traceability needed to combat food wastage

Some distance from our customers reduces land prices and increases land availability whilst avoiding the polluting effects of an urban area