Our Vision

To Supply Large Volumes of Sustainable High Quality Fresh Produce

to Retail and Hospitality Businesses in the Major Urban Centers of South East Asia

AGR1 is focused on the opportunities of combining climate control technology to advanced commercial greenhouses. By bridging the gap between large traditional greenhouse facilities which rely on micro climates to achieve optimal growing conditions and urban Vertical Farming which relies on technology to achieve optimal growing conditions AGR1 can benefit from the experiences of both sectors whilst expanding its own solution to Food Supply Security

AGR1 has developed a modular unit approach allowing each site to be developed in phases up to 10 Ha. Each 1 Ha. production unit provides up to 700 tonnes of sustainable, high quality, pesticide free food with minimal energy and water inputs

Growing good food will always be at the heart of AGR1's business but vertical supply chain integration revolutionizing packing, traceability and stock control systems will ensure our customers enjoy our "just harvested" flavor and quality

Following a successful Proof of Concept and entry into the Singapore market AGR1 has identified a range of opportunities to expand its geographical coverage and range of crops